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Lousy lousy lousy

Called with a sinus infection. Explained my symptoms, my knowledge of them and historical use of antibiotics to provide relief. Doctor had no interest. Rather lectured me on philosophy on use of antibiotics and prescribed some homeopathic remedy. Continued with preaching this several times. Now Im stuck away from home and will have to suffer with symptoms until I return home in a few days. Experience was piss poor.

Fantastic ! Beauty and simplicity !

This is the most elegant and intuitive app I have ever used !

Great service!

The doctor I spoke with was very patient and thorough. He made sure that all of my concerns were covered and discussed. The phone call was fantastic, because I felt too sick to leave the house for a regular doctor visit or urgent care. I most likely would not have sought care for my condition had Teledoc not been available. Its a great bridge between the ER and a regular doctor appointment.

Do Not Use

There are so many disclaimers in here that if you have anything more serious than the sniffles, youll be out the money the charge for the consult and still have to see a regular doctor. Its an easy service .. a convenient service .. but not something that will apply to the majority of what ails you.

Poor technology

Duplicate account existing their app claims. The rep I called was unable to correct the problem and escalated it to the next level. Still have not received service and were going on 48 hours. I guess its just a sinus infection no big much for saving $$ for our employer.

Quick and easy

Its currently the day after Christmas and I was unable to go to the doctor due to them being closed. Used teledoc for the first time and they called me within a minute. The customer service rep was also extremely friendly while helping me set up the account. The app is also great


I spoke to a doctor in less than 2 minutes! I was sick with a stomach bug and it was so great to talk to a doctor quickly and in the privacy of my home.

Quick and Easy

Used it several times. Always very fast. The prescriptions are already filled before I get there. Its saved me a ton of money and time.

Not a very helpful service

Made a 5:30 appointment for my son and wasnt called until 8:30 when I was no longer at home. Complained twice to the company via email and never received a response. Feedback will also be given to my employer.

Simple, convenient.

When youre not feeling well, this is beyond easy to navigate once youve set it up. You can call for most basic health needs - colds, ear infections, minor injuries. Doctors are fast and ask great questions. The staff is knowledgeable and helpful. Highly recommended over an urgent care facility.

Wasting my time more than trying to see an actual doctor

Scheduled an appointment, got on 5 minutes beforehand, doctor never showed. Waited 20 minutes+ on the video chat to no avail. Also, the app clearly cant handle that the doc never just says xxx will arrive at the scheduled time. Now Im waiting on their help line to sort out the fact that I already paid for a visit I didnt get. Wait for help is over 15 minutes already. This app is a mess...

Absolutely useless

The doctor pointed me in the direction of some great websites that I already visited prior to the call. Afterward, she refused to prescribe me anything and said to grab over the counter items from the drugstore and call back if it doesnt go away in 5-10 days. Will delete the app shortly and look to get my money back for the phony consultation.

Convenient access to Teladoc

Ive used Teladoc multiple times for the 4 or 5 years. With little difficulty, Ive been able to get advice and treatment for a variety of illnesses. From a temporary filling of an on going prescription to treatment for allergies and bronchitis. Now, I can use the app to request a consult and review my history. I like it.

Awesome - Future is now

Great way for a quick check in With a Doc - perfect for travel!

Long Wait Time

I waited over an hour for a video conference. Since I fell and hurt my knee pretty bad I didnt think that doing an over the phone consultation was the best option. Now I think it would have been. I was told I would never have to wait longer than 15 minutes- thats a lie.

What happened???

Usually I hear back within 10-15 minutes. It has been over an hour. The app says the doctor has begun my visit. Still waiting for him to call. My normal pediatrician didnt act concerned so I wanted a second opinion. So much for fell asleep and I am ready to go to sleep as well. Very disappointed.

Family Friendly?

The app is a little complicated for setting up family members, especially older children. It would be much simpler for all to have the app connect to the medical history on my insurance account (BC/BS). This was purchased through that insurer so they should be more connected (with my permission of course). Older children dont have a clue how to set up medical history. This is not realistic.


Said theyd sent the prescription. Showed up on the app. Was never available at the pharmacy. Run from this.

Waste of money do bother!

Call the teledoc Doctor told her my son had ear ache she didnt prescribed nothing said it was common cold. The doc looked like she just woke up from bed. Waste of money. Not recommended to use. Took my son in for office visit turns out he had an ear infection got him some antibiotics. PROBLEM SOLVED.

Dont waste your time

Dont waste your time waiting on them just go to urgent care. The "doctor" I spoke with didnt actually do anything to help or even really listen to my problem. I paid for the service that would have been better spend somewhere that actually helps your problems.

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